• Mini Review, provided by StemCell, Inc., Ravenska Wagey, PhD, May 2008.

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Promises and Reality, The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, MS in focus
    Issue 11 - 2008.


Below are links to Adult Stem Cell online protocols, with emphasis on MSC protocols:

  • Invitrogen:  Protocols for isolation, characterization, differentiation, and expansion of adult
    stem cells from Invitrogen.

  • R&D Systems Protocols: Methods and products from R&D Systems.

  • Cold Spring Harbor Protocols:  New and classic research techniques for stem cell research,
    with a searchable database.

  • Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology:  Online edition of the laboratory manual, updated
    monthly.  Subscription required.

  • Protocol Online:  Research protocols in a variety of life science fields, contributed by
    researchers worldwide and collected from the web, with discussion forums.

Note: To have your online protocols included in our list, please email your website to the Interest Group Editor.

Key References by Area:  


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